Ghosts and goblins aren’t the only ones with tricks up their sleeves. I’ve been working on a few myself over the years and have compiled my favorite clever cleaning tricks to share with my friends. The best part about these tricks is that they are calorie free and inexpensive, too!

  • Repurpose those unmatched socks to clean blinds. Just insert your hand in the sock and slide the sock between the slats.  It’s a fast and easy way to dust.   Holey socks work best.
  • For a tough set-in carpet stain, use a damp washcloth and iron.  Lay the washcloth on the stain and place the warm iron on top.  The combination of the warmth and the dampness will help to break up the stain. Pretreat with ShockIt Clean for an extra deep clean.
  • Cheese graters are the hardest surfaces to clean. No worries! Just grate a potato after your cheese. The oxalic acid will help to loosen the food and clean the surface. Then, just rinse and air dry.
  • A pile of dirty plastic toys?  Use the top shelf of your dishwasher to clean them. Just set the dishwasher on a short cycle at a medium temperature.
  • Start every cleaning project with a time limit.  When the time is up, reward yourself with a treat. You can always start a new project tomorrow! Perhaps this is the perfect portion-controlled way to enjoy those Halloween treats.

Happy Halloween from the Professor Amos family!