Customer Testimonials

Customers are doing the Happy Dance over the Professor Amos family of cleaners. Take a look at what they’re saying…

Superfast Drain Cleaner-

5 Stars
This product works better than anything I have ever used. This is my second order of this product.
Jun 28, 2021

5 Stars
I had a huge hairball in my drain and it completely solved my problem as promised. Nothing else to say.
Jun 26, 2021

5 Stars
The customer service is excellent!! The item arrived well package. I used as directions. 32 oz jug with use of 8oz. Have a septic tank and as soon as I put it in tub drain. It made a plop plop sound & got excited. Waited overnight & added boiling water did process four times, Sent from heaven! No more standing in above ankle water. Be patient and buy more for maintenance. I am blessed happy!! 5 *
May 23, 2021

5 Stars
Totally cleared our drain. It gurgled and now works great.
May 2, 2021

Shock It Clean

5 Stars
Just got the Lemongrass! I love this product! Thank you so much for quickly resending. I am cleaning a home to get it ready for sale and I have to clean unusually greasy and grimy areas. This product is the only one I need and that makes life so much easier.
Jun 22, 2021

5 Stars
“I saw this cleaner on hsn. So, l went on amazon to order. This product works like magic on my dirty grout. I love it and can’t wait to use it on other surfaces!”
May 22, 2021

5 Stars
“This is without a doubt the best cleaner I have ever used. It even gets stains out of stuff that have been stained for years. It won’t fade colors in your clothing. We use it to clean almost everything.”
Apr 8, 2021

5 Stars
Always Excellent! Cleans like nothing else I've ever tried. And I keep coming back to you. Excellent!!!
Feb 20, 2021


5 Stars
“I use this for everything. Great on marble, granite, furniture, etc. I’ll never without it..”
May 4, 2021

5 Stars
Versatile. This is a great product – I clean my car, countertops, chrome fixtures, etc., and it makes the shine – easy to use.
June 15,2021

5 Stars
It really did the job.
Really.I purchased this after watching the presentation and heard it can be used on stainless steel appliances. My daughter has tried other cleaners but the refrigerator and dishwasher was still a mess. I figured this couldn’t be any worse and I was so surprised. I sprayed, wiped with a damp cloth, then a dry cloth and it really does repel finger/hand prints! THANK YOU!! Now her appliances look good again.
March 29, 2021

5 Stars
I’ve really missed this product!
When it disappeared from the HSN, I thought it would never be back. Now it’s back with a new, attractive labeling. I’m SO happy! I have used The BOM on my older, 2005 sedan for at least 5 years. This truly is the best/BOM! It’s easy to apply & polish. It gives my car a beautiful shine, & protects the exterior for a LONG time. After a rain, or snow storm, I just go out when it dries, wipe it all off–& that protective shine, is like new, quickly! I Love this product!
7/11/2020 – natalie7, MI

Fast Toilet

5 Stars
This works great.
Used it this morning and I haven't seen my toilet bowl this clean in a long time, because we have hard water.
Apr 15, 2021

5 Stars
Superior toilet bowl cleaner!
It completely removed lime and hard water stains immediately. Nice clean fragrance too. Didn’t even have to scrub toilet.
May 22, 2021

5 Stars
I am sold!
I won’t repeat over and over, how happy I am, with Professor Amos’ product’s… I buy almost every thing he has. They are super great! I like clean, easy and fun to work with product’s. I will not spend money, on things that don’t do the job. I have a very clean toilet, and easy to care for.
April 27, 2021

Fast PM

5 Stars
Works great!
I use faithfully on a monthly basis in all my drains, including washing machine drain. I let set overnight and flush in morning. A pound of prevention!!!!!!
June 9 2021

5 Stars
I used this in my sluggish, stinky garbage disposal and it worked like a charm! LIKE NEW.
March 3, 2021

Shine and Restore

5 Stars
This is my favorite Professor Amos product. My wood floor are gorgeous. Thank Professor Amos
December 10, 2020

5 Stars
Great Product
I have been looking for something like this! Although I have found different uses, I really like how it restored my kitchen chairs and floor.
October 17, 2020

5 Stars
Shining Product!
I had used all kinds of products to shine my floors. I bought this one thinking “What can it hurt?” WOW!! I coukd not believe how easy it was. I wiped my floors with it and immediately they shined. I could not believe it! So I used it on my old wood kitchen cabinets — the magic happened again! I bought 2 more bottles. I never want to be without Prof. Amos’ Old Fashioned Shine and Restore Treatment!
September 1, 2020 – fc62, NY


5 Stars
Great brush
I use this brush with Professor Amos cleaner and it worked great. I did not have to get on my knees to scrub the floor. I love this brush.
April 1, 2021

5 Stars
Love this
It helps me reach difficult areas in my bathroom cleaning. Along with the shock-it cleaner you have a new friend.
December 4 2020

5 Stars
I like this I don’t have to get on my knees. The long handle is ideal. When used Dr. Amos cleaner, it makes it easy. I use it to scrub stains out of my carpet. Makes it easy.
December 8, 2020

Grill & Oven

5 Stars
My air fryer/toaster oven was covered with baked-on grease. This oven cleaner virtually melted it off.
April 17, 2021

5 Stars
Really good stuff
I use it on my BBQ grill and smoker and pans and bake sheets does a really good job removing grease.
December 7, 2020 – rob21, IN

Superfast Max

5 Stars
Great Product
I was experiencing a problem with very slow drainage from my vanity sink. I tried this product and whoooo it worked immediately.
July 1, 2021

5 Stars
Concentrated Drain Power
This drain product is amazing! It works in 5 minutes and takes care of old build-ups that other products can’t clear. I am very satisfied with this product and recommend it to people who are experiencing reoccurring drain clogs and also want to have water running freely afterwards.
February 11, 2021

5 Stars
It works!
Works right away.. Followed the directions, saw immediate results.. Much better than store brands.
November 28, 2021


Fast Flow

5 Stars
Love This
when it slows, it vanishes the goop
July 3, 2021

5 Stars
Clears Toilet Drain
I put the measured amount in toilet bowl when drain starts to run slow or make strange noises. Let it sit for awhile and flush. Let it sit again like that for awhile. Toilet runs great afterwards. Feel better using this with septic system and husband doesn’t have to plunge anymore. Added benefit, toilet bowl is cleaned too. Will purchase in larger size next time.
June 2, 2021

5 Stars
Outstanding Product!
Ordered to see if it would work. A few days after it arrived my washing machine started leaking from the soap dispenser. Found that the pipe going from the soap dispenser to the tub was stopped up with built-up disposits. Use Super 7 and the next morning problem was solved. Saved $100 for a service call.
March 2, 2021

5 Stars
Love this solution!
This solution worked great. I noticed that my drain started clogging and the flow started slowing down when I saw this solution on sale. I used the on the day it arrived and there is no more slow draining. And it smells very nice!
August 29, 2020

Fast MM

5 Stars
Professor Amos’ products are some of my favorites. The Professor has a fabulous selection of drain cleaners and this MM product really does the job of cleaning out the washing machine. Just use the recommended amount. Toss it into the washing machine and run a hot cycle. Voila! Your machine will probably drain better than ever – at least mine did.
June 18, 2020

5 Stars
Love this product. One application and toilet is flushing much better
No need to call an expensive plumber,
June 24, 2018

5 Stars
Love it and the smell is fabulous!!!
February 25, 2020