Baby, it’s cold outside and our pipes are clogging up! Did you know that common cooking oils such as bacon grease, coconut oil, and more are NOT safe to put down your sink? Don’t be fooled by the old wives’ tale of running hot water while the grease is poured down the drain. The hot water only temporarily heats them up and once the grease, fat or oil cools it hardens and creates a nasty blockage.

When the temperature decreases your grease related plumbing risks increase. Just imagine how quickly the cold weather turns everything frozen outside, and what that means for everything being washed down your drain! Coconut oil and other fats congeal at any temperature below 76 degrees. So when the winter months come, all it takes is one accidental pour down the drain to clog up the pipes!

Now, no one wants to spend the holidays waiting on a plumber, or unable to use their kitchen sink. But accidents do happen even in the most cautious of kitchens. Here at Professor Amos, we believe the best protection is preventative protection. That’s why we recommend Fast PM, the preventative maintenance powder. Just one sprinkle a week loosens up and flushes away that congealed cooking grease, soap and detergent residue that has solidified inside the pipes! When it comes to plumbing issues, we will send you a plumber in a box, so you can get back to the important things this holiday season.