Plumbing problems are never a good thing. But plumbing troubles during the holiday season can be a downright disaster. According to Roto-Rooter, there are 50% more service calls on Black Friday than an average Friday. Other winter holidays also bring more business to plumbers. Find out why pipes tend to clog during the holidays and how you can avoid drain problems.

1. High Fat Foods Going Down the Sink Drain
The holiday season is one of the less healthy times of the year. With so many high fat foods being cooked and baked, there are lots of fats being dumped down your kitchen sink. Unfortunately, this is one of the leading causes of clogged drains. Fat and oil build-ups are the main cause of approximately 47% of all sewer overflows in the U.S, according to the Journal of Oleo Science.

Most people realize that you should never pour grease or fat directly down a drain. As the grease cools, it congeals and becomes a thick obstacle preventing water from flowing freely. What you might not realize is that there are many high fat foods that have the potential to congeal in your drain. For instance, gravy and sauces cool and congeal in the winter temperatures. Cheese and soup also contain fat and grease and could ruin your plumbing.

When these high fat foods combine with scraps from holiday leftovers (bones from the holiday bird, eggs and shells from baked goods, celery from stuffing), the result may be a ruined and costly holiday experience.

2. Inattentive Guests
Although you care for your plumbing, there’s a good chance your guests won’t act in the same way. They may be unaware of the dangers that come with pouring grease down your drains, or simply not care. In either case, they could be responsible for clogged drains.

If your guests offer to do the dishes, you should gently remind them of the dangers posed by grease to pipes. Provide them with a bowl and ask them to pour all greasy and fatty liquids or foods into the bowl. Instead of dumping them down the drain, they can go directly in the garbage.

Guests who are cooking in your kitchen could also be the source of plumbing woes. If they put flour, eggshells, or coffee grinds down the drain, your plumbing will suffer. Don’t be afraid to ask your guest chefs to throw their scraps in the garbage.

3. Overuse of Pipes
The holiday season is a long one, and likely full of parties and family dinners. While that may bring your family and friends closer together, it also has the potential to cause plumbing problems.

The increase in traffic to your home comes with more traffic in your bathrooms. If your guests flush wipes, facial tissues, or paper towels down your toilet, they will clog up the system. This contributes to some of the many problems experienced by homeowners during the holiday season.

We recommend you be prepared and keep Professor Amos’s SuperFast Drain Cleaner under your sink. This little tip could save your holiday season. Pipes can be cleared in as little as 15 minutes.