Meet the A-Team

Professor Amosprofessor amos

He started out from humble beginnings – paperboy, shoe-shiner, and ice cream truck driver. But, Professor Amos’s brilliance, tenacity, and contagious positive spirit have rocketed him to the height of entrepreneurial success. Launched with the first-ever cleaning infomercial, the Professor Amos brand of innovative, soapless cleaning solutions now sells worldwide. His energetic enthusiasm has made him a staple on HSN, international live shopping channels, and late-night talk shows. And, when he’s not on television, he helps others to succeed by participating in multiple charitable organizations. How does he fit it all in? Just like his fantastic products, Professor Amos “works smarter, not harder” to make a big difference.

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professor amosAmos Harp III

Amos Harp III became inspired at a young age as he watched his dad, Professor Amos, successfully build a worldwide cleaning solution brand. When old enough, Amos III took a professional carpet and tile-cleaning job and then started his own cleaning company…just so he could gain better understanding of the household problems we all face. Soon, he was working for his dad – behind-the-scenes, helping to prepare his famous live cleaning demonstrations on HSN and international shopping channels and promoting the products at fairs and trade shows. Now that he’s a full-fledge cleaning expert, Amos III is in front of the cameras, ready to service the world and share his dad’s remarkable cleaning innovations with the next generation.

professor amosAnji Corley

It takes plenty of energy and personality to keep up with Professor Amos. But, Anji Corley has just that! This New York native has mastered all media, from radio and television to journalism writing, and producing since graduating from University of Pittsburgh…where she first met Professor Amos. And, they’ve been practically family ever since. Anji lives by the mantra: “Celebrate life everyday and invite others to join the party!” But, you can’t do that if you’re stuck wasting precious time cleaning. That’s why today, as brand ambassador for Professor Amos, she enthusiastically presents his breakthrough cleaning solutions on HSN and live shopping channels around the world. And, when she’s not on-air, Anji is committed and honored to inspire the lives of youth by mentoring with Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Girls, Inc., The Mentoring Partnership, and G3 Life Apps.


Amos IV (A4)

Young A4 has been following in his father’s footsteps since the day he was born. We like to say that he’s been cleaning since the day he started teething. Whether or not that’s true, he is an active part of the A-Team and appears in marketing photos and videos alongside his father and grandfather as often as possible. He reminds his elder Amos’ that the reason they “work smarter, not harder” is so they have plenty of time left over to play with him! A4’s motto is “work smarter, play harder”.