White Cleaning Pads


Professor Amos’ Cleaning Pads help you clean your home without breaking a sweat. These chemical-free pads penetrate and lift dirt, grime, and stains right off a variety of surfaces. Just wet and wipe – they do the work for you, and can be used again and again.


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Professor Amos Cleaning Pads are ideal for cleaning: scuff marks on walls and trim, fingerprints on the light switches, grime on shower tiles and glass doors, soap scum in sinks and tubs, lawn furniture, food baked onto pots and pans, juice stains on countertops, and more.

Work On: tennis shoes, grease, oil, brake dust, bbq grills, counter tops, stovetops, ovens, microwaves, sinks, appliances, tile and grout.

10 pk

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Weight2 lbs

25 pack, 10 pack