Emerald Toilet Tabs


Professor Amos Emerald Clean Toilet Tabs keep your toilets clean up to 30 days! Their powerful, yet gentle, time-released cleaning solution dissolves slowly to prevent residue and grime buildup. You’ll know Professor Amos Emerald Clean Toilet Tabs are working because it turns the water fresh minty green and the porcelain looks shiny and clean. Pack of 4

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Product Description

Let the professor minimize the dirtiest job in the house. These tablets will keep your toilets looking and smelling great while maximizing their cleanliness. Each tablet slowly releases the right amount of solution into the water to prevent buildup and keep the water fresh with a minty-green fragrance. The best part is you have time for more cleaning, or better yet, more fun.


Tablet slowly dissolves and lasts up to 30 days, averaging three flushes per day
Formula contains gentle cleaning ingredients
Tablets assist in cleaning toilets

Solution in tablet helps to prevent the buildup of residue and grime
Leaves a light emerald green color in the bowl

Additional Information

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