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Fast Flow Super 7 Natural Microbial Drain Cleaner


Fast Flow Super 7 contains a scientifically selected proprietary blend of seven microbial strains which are very efficient at digesting solid waste, breaking down the bacteria and eliminating odors at their source. These active ingredients break down proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose and fats to help keep drains running smoothly and without odor.

Safe for all types of plumbing and septic systems.

  • Highly concentrated solution – only 1 ounce (29mL) needed per application.
  • Uses powerful microbial action to break down and digest organic matter -microbes multiply when exposed to food sources so that a small amount of concentrate can be effective
  • Fast Flow Super 7 is maintenance treatment for drain pipes and septic systems -Concentrated solution for helping to maintain the open flowing in plumbing pipes.
  • Fast Flow Super 7 contains billions of natural microbes specially developed to help digest organic matter found in the pipes and septic systems -The microbes do the work instead of harsh chemicals.


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