Fast Odor Eliminator


Knock out offensive smells with a few quick sprays of Professor Amos’ FAST Odor Eliminator. Use this odor-tackling trio to freshen carpets, tame stinky sneakers or deodorize garbage bins, and more! The concentrated formula goes a long way. The Professor even included a pocket-sized sprayer for unpleasant aromas you encounter on the go


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Powerful concentrated solution makes enough solution to fill (16) 8 fl. oz. ready-to-use spray bottles or 1 gallon of ready-to-use solution
Uses natural microbes to permanently eliminate the bacteria causing odors
Microbes do not mask odors like other products but digest the bacteria that causes odor
No chemical odors

FAST Odor Eliminator ready-to-use solution

Premixed solution that’s ready to use out of the bottle
When empty, use the bottle to mix down more of the concentrate


FAST Odor Eliminator on-the-go sprayer

Ultra-compact, pocket-sized sprayer you can take anywhere you might need to confront odors in a hurry
Mist on all types of water-washable surfaces
Use on everything from stale carpets to stinky gym shoes to dank garbage bins, anywhere the surface can tolerate water


32 fl. oz. FAST Odor Eliminator concentrate
8 fl. oz. FAST Odor Eliminator ready-to-use solution
0.33 fl. oz. FAST Odor Eliminator on-the-go sprayer

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Weight3 lbs

Unscented, Citrus, Fresh Breeze, Vanilla, Water Lily