Fast PM (preventative maintenance) Powder 24oz.

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Eliminate clogged drains for good…with Professor Amos Fast PM Preventative Drain Maintenance Powder.

Just a sprinkle a week loosens up and flushes away the cooking grease, soap and shampoo scum, and detergent residue that solidifies inside pipes and traps food and hair to cause blockage.

The fresh scent formula also eliminates odors.

45 Applications!

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Professor Amos Fast PM Preventative Drain Maintenance Powder works great in garbage disposals, washing machine, dishwashers, and all other household drains. Excellent monthly solution!

Fast PM is formulated to remove the lime scale, mineral deposits and grease that you can not see, when treated on a monthly basis, your dishwasher will clean more efficiently and have no lurking odor.

Remember to treat your dishwasher and washing machine monthly to extend the performance and life of your appliances!


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