FAST Toilet & Tank


Keep your toilet tank clean, rust free, and deodorized with Professor Amos Fast Toilet and Tank Cleaner. This special formula starts out green and changes to blue to let you know your toilet is clean. And, the extra thick formula clings to the surface to remove rust and attack lime scale, calcium, soap scum, hard water build up, mold, and mildew stains. Leaves your toilet sparkling clean, smelling fresh, and easier to maintain in the future. This concentrated formula has up to 24 applications.

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Make your bathroom shine and sparkle with Professor Amos’ Fast Toilet and Tank Cleaner. Clean and deodorize with this powerful toilet and tank cleaner while removing rust, residue and hardwater buildup. This versatile cleanser w on showers, works great on: sinks and tubs. This concentrated formula has up to 24 applications.


Do not now allow contact on stone or porous surfaces or any metal kitchen or bath fixture.

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