Motion Sensor Toilet Light Rechargeable

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Rechargeable motion sensor toilet night light, automatically lights up in the darkness, safer and more convenient to go to bathroom in the middle of night!

1. Rechargeable battery, recharge it via any USB ports; lasts over 2 months from a charge;
2. More sensitive. The night light comes on as soon as you start walking towards the toilet. Don’t have to turn on the main light and wake yourself and your partner up when foraying into the bathroom in the middle of the night.
3. 8 color change toilet bowl light. Easy to change the bathroom look and perfect to help potty train the youngest.
4. Bendable arm, fit any toilet bowl perfectly

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Rechargeable Toilet Bowl Light – Includes a short USB cable of 12 inches, fit any USB port, you can recharge the night light via USB charger, pc, laptop, portable battery extension. It goes for over 2 months on one charge; 1 hours to fully charge. No need to look for batteries anywhere.Motion Detection & Light Sensitive – The bowl light comes on upon sensing motions in the darkness; goes out itself when it senses light or you leave away from it; up to 5-6 ft sensing distance. [Note: The default is closed, please hold the button for 3 sec until red light flashes 3 times to activate it].
Waterproof & Durable – Built-in a rechargeable battery, integrated housing, sealed battery cover design; no need to replace battery, more waterproof and durable.
Fun 8 Colors – Set the colors to change smoothly, or kick the color into place by hitting the button once you come to the color of choice. Going to the bathroom is more interesting!
What You Get – 1 x Rechargeable Toilet Light, 1 x USB Cable (12 inches), 1 x User Manual




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