Shock It Gleam Window and Glass Cleaner


Professor Amos’ Shock It Gleam keeps all your glass streak-free and squeaky-clean. This industrial strength, ammonia-free cleaner uses the power of lemon extract to break down grease and slime, even if it’s dried on. Just spray and wipe away! No streaks left behind, just a refreshing lemony scent. This concentrated formula makes 12 bottles for a super cleaning value.

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Product Description

Professor Amos’ Shock It Gleam Glass Cleaning Kit is perfect for: all windows and glass, including windows, mirrors, glass doors, glass top stoves, microwaves, faucet heads, vases, granite, motorcycle helmets, laptop computers, and tablets. Plus, this incredible kit comes with Stay Clear Anti-Fog, which sprays on to prevent mirrors, glasses, and shower doors from fogging up.

32 oz concentrate, refillable bottle and Stay Clear Anti-Fog included!

Additional Information

Weight3 lbs