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Bringing Communities Together… The Professor Amos Way!

CommunityThe Center of Bellevue, sponsored by SOMA International Ministries, is so pleased to share with you how God is at work at The Center! The Center of Bellevue is a ministry center designed to bring the community of the North Boroughs together through meals, music, mentoring, and ministry.

The Center consists of a music ministry, Christian Counseling, and a Meal Ministry. Various churches, organizations, and mentors are coming together by mentoring our youth and caring for our community through ministry.

The Center does not house one church congregation as a typical church, rather it is a ministry center used by several churches and non-profit organizations TOGETHER! This is the most amazing part. Christians are being called outside of the four walls of their own churches and buildings to do outreach work together to provide resources and efforts to directly impact our town and those that the Lord places on our path. A true community church and Body of Christ.

​Praise God!

Some of the involvement with our communities include:

The Center of Bellvue
Sponsored by Soma

Monday Night Meals

  • Free Pick-Up meal during COVID-19!
  • Distributing at 6:00 pm
  • Healthy ingredients
  • Hot meal, drink & dessert with FREE Fellowship.

Christian Counseling

  • Dr. John Neyman
  • Family Crisis Counseling
  • Behavioral Counseling
  • Available by appointment
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  • Music Ministry Recording Studio
  • Available by Appointment